Feeding Time

Hilda Mary Harvey

A ham, a lobster, a crab and shrimps on pewter plates with a roemer on a gilt stand, a glass of beer, an earthenware jug

Alexander Adriaenssen

A still life of oranges, wine glass, cherries, bread and tobacco

Harmen Loeding

Nature Morte Aux Oignons Et Aux Harengs

Jean-Georges Hirn

Still Life Fish 1908

William Merritt Chase


Gustave Loiseau

Cooking Fish

Theodore de Bry

A warming plate, a jug, asparagus and three pewter plates with pieces of fish on a table

Spanish School

Lemons, oranges, a barrel of olives, salmon and a bowl of fish in a niche

Alejandro De Loarte

The Fish Market, plate 4 from Comforts of Bath, 1798

Thomas Rowlandson

"Wild Salmon" oil on Canvas.

William Geddes

A lobster, cod, cabbage, onions, asparagus, a pheasant, wine and an upturned basket of oysters on a table

Elena Recco

Still life of fish on a table

Elena Recco

A Still Life Of Freshwater Fish And Fishing Nets, Piled High On A Stone Ledge In A Niche

Jacob Gillig

A Fisherman In His Barn With Fresh-Water Fish, A Woman In The Background

Pieter de Putter

The Fish Market

Dominique Henri Guifard

A dead falcon on a barrow

Felice Boselli

Pewter plates with opened oysters, two mackerel, a bun, oyster shells, a bag of tobacco, matches, a white clay pipe, a berkemeier of white wine

Floris Gerritsz. van Schooten

Sea Trout

John Bucknell Russell

Still Life Of Salt Water Fish And Lobster On A Table Top, Guarded By A Cat

Jan Vonck

Plaice, skate and other fish beside a barrel

Jan van Kessel

The Day's Catch

Thomas G. Targett

Still Life of Fish

Marie Vorobieff Marevna

Still-Life Three Salmon Steaks. 1808-12

Francisco De Goya y Lucientes

"Still Life with Golden Bream 1808 12" oil on Canvas.

Francisco De Goya y Lucientes

Fish (Still Life), 1864

Édouard Manet

Still Life With Fish

Alexander Adriaenssen

Still-Life with Oysters. 1630s

Alexander Adriaenssen

Two Skates

Stuart Mackenzie

A Tasty Morsel

Percy Robert Craft

Tucking a School of Pilchards (The Tuck Boat) 1897

Percy Robert Craft


Fred Whicker

Mackerel and Cod and Oxo and Leon Coming up the Beach

Laetitia Yhap

Salmon 1887

John Bucknell Russell

Still Life with Fish

Benjamin Blake

Sun Fish 1935

William Nicholson

The Fish Market, Venice 1881

William H. Jobbins

Fish 1730–1748

Pieter Andreas Rysbrack

Fish Market, Dieppe 1948

Edward Le Bas

Fisherfolk at St Ives, Cornwall. 1893

John Robertson Reid

Still Life with Oysters

Augustin Théodule Ribot

Still Life with Mackerel. 1954

Gerard Dillon

15lb Pike Caught in Tiverton Canal in 1905

by unknown artist. Collection: Tiverton Museum of Mid Devon Life

Still Life with Fish

by unknown artist. Collection: Royal Institution of Cornwall

Still Life with a Lobster and Oysters. c.1850

V. Schut

Oysters in a Basket. 1979

Jack Knox

Naïades. 1882

Gioacchino Pagliei

'Mauretania'. 1961

Joanne Pemberton-Longman

Christ Calling His First Disciples. 1839

Adam Brenner

An Oyster Supper. 1882

Horatio Henri Couldery

Still Life with Fish and a Cat. 1631

Alexander Adriaenssen

Still Life with Fish

Alexander Adriaenssen

A Fishmonger's Shop

Jacques Laurent Agasse

A Still Life of Dead Birds and Fruit. c.1650

Harmen van Steenwyck

Still Life of Fish, a Pear, Game and Kitchen Utensils. post 1652

Harmen van Steenwyck

Angelfish, London Aquarium. 1930

Christopher Wood

Aquarium. 1931

John Evans Barker

Arbroath Lobster Man

Irene Halliday

Auricula. 2001

Mary Fedden

A Still Life of Flowers in a Wan-Li Vase on a Ledge with further Flowers, Shells and a Butterfly. 1609-10

Ambrosius Bosschaert the elder

A still life with carp in a ceramic colander, oysters, crayfish, roach and a cat on the ledge beneath

Clara Pieters

Still Life of Fish and Cat, after 1620.

Clara Peeters

«Fish Still Life with Oysters and Smoker’s Accessories»

Floris van Shuten (1590-ок.1655).

«Still-life in Praise of the Pickled Herring» («Натюрморт "Похвала селедке"»), 1656

Joseph de BRAY

Натюрморт с селедкой.

Шмота Максим

маслом Натюрморт с селедкой Живопись Холст, масло 50х60 2010

Родионова Светлана Александровна


Родионова Светлана Александровна

Водка и селедка

Родионова Светлана Александровна

«Селёдка» 1918

Кузьма Петров-Водкин

Fish Market

Snyders Frans


Beyeren, Abraham Hendriksz. van

Натюрморт с цветами, рыбами, фруктами и вином

Константин Коровин.

Натюрморт с рыбой

Юлий Клевер-сын.

Натюрморт с рыбой

Яцута Евгений.

Парные натюрморты с рыбой. Холст, масло.

Клевер Юлий Юльевич, сын (1882-1942)

Парные натюрморты с рыбой. Холст, масло.

Клевер Юлий Юльевич, сын (1882-1942).

Натюрморт с рыбой и крабами

Питер ван Шайенборг (Pieter van Schaeyenborgh) (1635-1657)

Питер Клас

Питер Клас

Рыбная лавка

Франс Снейдерс (1579 - 1657)

Завтрак с устрицами

Якоб Флоппенс ван Эс