Danish Lake Nordborg after an aluminium treatment

Chemical and ecological responses following disruption of internal P loading using Phoslock

Is there a role for geo-engineering in lake restoration?

Macrophyte and Phosphorus Dynamics in Shallow Lakes

Development and application of modified clays for P removal from aquatic systems

Lake restoration and eutrophication control through manipulating algal blooms

Chemical treatment to reduce phosphorus in a wider context of lake restoration

Population synchrony and functional connectivity

Mapping Natural Capital

Arcapi - A Quick Introduction to Convenient API for arcpy

European Nitrogen Assessment

CEH Rolling presentation at #BHS2014

elakes14: e-Conference on geo-engineering in lakes March 2014

CEH-Gridded Estimates of Areal Rainfall (GEAR) dataset

Monitoring biodiversity and habitats from space: a reality check

CNP+ Cycles - Understanding the Carbon, Nitrogen and Phosphorus cycles

CEH Lake Restoration Case Studies

Under the microscope

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